A Thought Crystallizes

A Thought Crystallizes

In the moment it reflects,
still water tells you
all you need to know.

Clouds in a November sky
appear or do not, suggesting
snow or denying it.

The leaves are raked, but still
they fall, oaks paying no mind
to storm fronts or frozen ponds.

As you enter your winter,
know it may dictate conditions,
but need not dictate outcome.


10 thoughts on “A Thought Crystallizes

    • I probably have about 10 oaks on my ¼ acre lot, and they’ll retain about ¼ of their dry leaves into spring, so I (with little snow here) I can plan on raking through the winter. I suppose I should thank them for providing the exercise. 😉

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  1. I really like this, Ken. It has such a meditative feel to it. I had been noticing tons of acorns this year, and I just read a story today that there’s a theory that oaks communicate–this year seems to be a big acorn year all over the country.

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    • Thank you, Merril.
      I noticed that while raking. I have seven years worth of leaves in a very large compost pile (about the size of a large pickup) and I’ve seen trees try to sprout from it, so this year I’ve been extra careful to separate the acorns.

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