Moonshine Like a Fever ~ magnetic poetry

Moonshine Like a Fever

Silver shadows bring spirited wishes
only your deepest thoughts
would know, reminding you
of dreams long held
but never brought to life. offers five different sets of tiles that can be used to create poetry online, with tiles that can be moved on the screen with a mouse cursor. The site also sells more than 100 sets of themed magnet sets that can be used on a fridge or a white board.
The latest is “Moon Poet.”

Word lists are available as free PDF files, so I downloaded the Moon Poet list and wrote this poem using those words. I also conducted an experiment in which I copied that list into a document and highlighted the words so I could make tiles from a screenshot. I burned a lot of hours working on it, but I guess I just wanted to see if it could be done. Once.

I like the idea of using the variety of magnetic tile lists that are available, so I’m sure I’ll try that again. Without the graphics!

If you want to try magnetic poetry with the standard movable magnets,
you can do it online, here.

The background image is the full moon on 22 December 2018.
(Click the image to see a larger view of the photo with tiles in a new tab.)

The following image is a copy of the Moon Poet” list with the words I used in bold italics.

8 thoughts on “Moonshine Like a Fever ~ magnetic poetry

  1. Your accomplished poem is fantastic … wishes / only your deepest thoughts / would know … YES, Moonshine could surely draw those up and out while holding your body in a trance state. Mmmmm …
    And thanks for sharing your process and pointing to the word lists!
    [I have a mix of 2 sets of physical magnetic tiles that I was given years back … ever accessible on a metal cabinet I walk past a dozen times daily … sometimes I pause and play with them and come up with something worth finishing off from my inner word stash. I’m fascinated with how bloggers pull really good poems from only provided words. No two poets work alike, no two poems emerge alike, process as intriguing as results.]

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