New Sunrise

New Sunrise

Restless, this sleep that comes,
then doesn’t, these trying times when
memories flow like a river, then briefly,
and I feel his touch, then don’t.

That sun set long ago. Everything changed
with his extinguished light, no eyes
to flash his broad smile as darkness
seemed to close in around me.

It’s now my turn to go, knowing that,
as our hands touch once again, at last,
we will greet our first new sunrise.

The prompt for Meet the Bar by changing your perspective, from Björn at dVerse, offers this prompt: “…go out of your comfort zone and change the perspective. You can either start from a poem you’ve written before and change its perspective, or simply write from a perspective you are not used to.”

On October 29th, I wrote Last Light in response to “Tears in rain – using our senses,” from Sarah at dVerse. For this prompt, I’ve rewritten that poem and made it from the perspective of the subject of the first poem.  My father died 15 years before my mother, and she was quiet, almost absent, in the last few years of her life. I tried to imagine that, with this. Please read the original, here.

32 thoughts on “New Sunrise

    • Thank you. Björn also asked us to discuss how it felt going out of our comfort zone in writing the new poem, so I added that brief explanation at the end. But that’s all right. Poetry is as much the readers’ as it is the writer’s.


    • Thank you, Merril. I’ve written from the perspective of people in the news, but I think this is the first time I’ve done it this close to my heart. The words seemed easy, but I have a hard time reading it. My mother lived with me for her last two years, and I don’t visit that time very often.

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