Last Light

Last Light

A trying day, its outcome pressing closer
with each moment of your restless sleep,
brings me to the river for a brief respite,
the warm summer breeze like a mother’s caress.

The sun will not rise again in a manner unchanged
by this setting, the last of its dazzling light upon the waves
becoming a sheen before being muted forever
in the final moments of its darkness.

I turn to go and return to your side, knowing
that, as I hold your hand through the night,
this sunset will be your last.

The prompt for Tears in rain – using our senses, from Sarah at dVerse, is to write a poem that tells a story or shows a character in the things they’ve sensed.

Image: sunset on the Niagara River
(click image for larger view in new tab)

28 thoughts on “Last Light

  1. This is very moving, Ken. I was struck by your use of “mother” in the first stanza – so tender- and then the moving on to anticipated loss. I wondered if this was a poem about the death of a parent? It’s so tender and so truthful.

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  2. Death is a common motif out here on the trail tonight. As Lisa said, this one was hard to read. Two things bring me easily to tears–cello music and sad poetry.

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