Ringing Distraction ~ haibun

Ringing Distraction

My tinnitus is so bad today that I-cannot-think-straight. Literally. It pulls my attention away from what I’m doing and to the thought of the ringing in my ears, instantly, like snapping a finger. I have to refocus my attention, which isn’t always easy. ADD already has a say in that, so that hyper-focusing means having to drag my attention away from the ringing and (hopefully) back to my “task at hand.” If it’s something like writing, as in this, getting back on track may be as simple as re-reading my last few lines, but that doesn’t do anything for the direction my thoughts were taking me before the distraction. (I’ve already had to walk away, then refocus, three times for this short paragraph.)

setting pen aside
no better luck with keyboard
ringing distraction
listening to Miles Davis
soothing balm for tinnitus

18 thoughts on “Ringing Distraction ~ haibun

    • Thanks, Lisa. I can put the ringing out of my mind while listening to music, but it still has an obvious effect when I notice a song or instrumental sounds flat and nothing like the original impression I have from years ago.

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  1. I know of nothing more frustrating than being unable to get back to pre-interruption thought-ways … they evaporate … I find myself staring at a blank wall. Reading your post, I become aware of my tinnitus – not so severe as yours – you have my sympathy. Usually mine is a hum, one among many ongoing sounds of life. I notice mine mostly at bedtime, when the other sounds subside. Glad you had a little help from Miles.

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    • Thank you, Betty. Today was interesting. I had a migraine aura (no headache), and I tried to determine if the pulsing light had anything to do with the shifting pitch. No luck, but it was an interesting exercise!


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