flood waters rising ~

flood waters rising
white portico under siege
leader blowing smoke

This tanka is my response to RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Prompt Challenge #276,
where the prompt words are smoke and water.


Depiction of the North Portico, 1835
Source: The White House Historical Association
Credit: Kellogg, D.W. & Coo., via Library of Congress

13 thoughts on “flood waters rising ~

    • Thanks, Jazz. Running out of things to say about this circus sideshow. 😉
      Right now we have a clown with his pants on fire running around a midget car, with (hopefully) fewer people trying to crowd in with him.

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      • Hopefully … I have to wonder about his believers’ capacity to change – they are as sworn to following his interpretations/directives as are many churchgoers sworn to follow their denomination’s interpretations/directives.

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