yellow maple leaf ~ fusion haiku

yellow maple leaf
following path to winter
waiting for no one

Carpe Diem Weekend Meditation #103 The Quest for a New Masterpiece Continues … The Start of Autumn asks us to create a gem of a haiku about autumn.
I decided to start with two of my own haiku to create a fusion haiku.
Here are the original haiku:

changes happening
first yellow leaf on maple
autumn upon us

quiet forest path
dry leaves stirred up by my feet
centipede scurries

Image: Letchworth State Park, 13 October 2007
(click image for larger view in new tab)

23 thoughts on “yellow maple leaf ~ fusion haiku

  1. That’s a fabulous idea, to create a fusion haiku from two of your own original haiku, which were masterpieces to start with! I love the idea of the yellow maple leaf going at its own pace towards winter, turning red on the way.

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