Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

Come sail with me on chocolate seas,
Beyond the coffee grounds,
Where gummy fish grant every wish,
And sweetness still abounds.

Now close your eyes, a sweet surprise
Awaits you while you sleep:
Fancy tales of licorice whales
Within the ocean deep.

With jellyfish in every dish
Of peanut butter pie,
And just a hint of peppermint
On every mermaid’s sigh.

’Cross seas so cold with marshmallows,
Like icebergs on the waves,
To tropic shores with toasted s’mores
Buried in pirate caves.

Through salty gales with toffee sails
We’ll search for tasty treats.
In far off lands, the muffin man
Will sweep you off your feet.

At stately balls in castle halls
Composed of gingerbread,
Pink bubblegum and sugarplums
Will dance within your head.

Then dawn will break as you awake.
Oh, how your eyes will gleam!
These words were said beside your bed,
Then came true in a dream!

“Sweet Dreams” is the final entry in Blonde-haired, Blue-eyed Adventures, a collection of eight short stories about my daughter’s adventures, written for her twenty years ago. This was written after she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.  For the longest time, I had wanted to write a bedtime poem for her.  She had just turned nine when I wrote this, but we still recited it together many times before bedtime.

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Sweet Dreams

Ken Gierke

I’m also posting this to Open Link Night #252 at dVerse

48 thoughts on “Sweet Dreams

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    • Thank you, Lisa. 😀
      I used clipart for the poem. For the stories, I used photos of my daughter that I then photoshopped for effect, except two for which photos could not be found.
      At one time, I had wondered about publishing them, but I’m perfectly happy with the book I was able to make for her.
      Footnote: Yesterday, I found one more very short story I had written 2 years later (2003). It was for her birthday (in August), and I resurrected the theme for her entry into middle school in the weeks to follow. It’s titled “In-between” and talks about the hopes of a young girl at that age. I emailed it to her, and of course she was very pleased.

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