greeted with unease ~ haiku

greeted with unease
harvest moon on horizon
rising as omen

This haiku is my response to
Frank Tassone’s #Haikai Challenge #104: harvest moon.

The Harvest Moon appeared at 11:33pm, Central Time United States, on Friday the 13th.
~ both photos taken that night ~
~ second photo is layered to include both moon and leaves focused ~
(click both for larger views in new tabs)

13 thoughts on “greeted with unease ~ haiku

    • Thanks! I’ve seen this moon referred to as a
      “micromoon,” since it has reached apogee, so I made sure to extend my zoom to 300. The photo was taken pretty close to “full”, since I have trees all around my house, and I can’t catch it on the horizon from there. At times, I like to try to frame it with leaves, but you can see how blurry the leaves are just outside the glow of the moon. So, I just edited one with a focused moon layered into a focused leaves/moonglow photo I took that night, and I’ve added it to this page.

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      • Second image is gorgeous! Sometimes cameras need a little help to get what the eye sees. I went out last night (with the dog) and came back in to get camera … moon was incredibly beautiful behind oaks … looked full behind the “screen” … but my camera didn’t capture the effect my eyes/brain were receiving. I ponder adding steps up to my porch roof (flat) for better moon shots …

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  1. The way the world is going perhaps Friday the 13th bodes well instead of ill–everything else is topsy-turvy. But it was a lovely moon here–the clouds were dancing over and around it–and yours looks lovely too.
    I can’t figure out why or how some of my moon photos are good and some aren’t—I just keep shooting and hope for the best. (K)

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    • We had a slight haze, which gave the moon a bit of a glow.
      I think I know how to shoot. Then I head back outside to re-shoot, reminding myself that focusing is as important as aperture and shutter speed. With my lens, the moon is still only 20% the height of the frame (these are cropped photos). My son attaches his camera to a spotting telescope and can fill the frame with the moon. He got some great photos of the eclipse when he visited in 2017.

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      • I just have a point-and-shoot camera. Which has a lot of settings that make no sense to me and are hard to navigate. I do miss my pre-digital camera that was easy to use–except of course for the ability to see immediately what the image looks like.
        A telescope is the way to go I think. (K)

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