Till There Is Nothing ~ quadrille

Till There Is Nothing

Must it be, to find tranquility,
our search must be beyond
the reach of hands that spoil
the land till there is nothing
more than barren waste?
We hasten our demise, the seas
and forests soon like the moon,
little more than a dream.

My mind immediately turned to the Sea of Tranquility when I saw the prompt from Lillian at dVerse … the most beautiful words are … which is to write a quadrille (a 44-word poem that does not require meter or rhyme) using tranquility.

Image: full moon, 22 November 2018

16 thoughts on “Till There Is Nothing ~ quadrille

  1. The moon was my immediate reaction to the word tranquility too. Will our seas become like the ones on the moon? Like Merril, I hope they will survive us for other beings who will take better care. (K)

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  3. Our earth these days, with the 24/7 news cycles and environmental havoc, leaders who deny….will she succumb? Will we (in the very collective sense) be her demise? I love the last three lines most especially.
    Glad you linked this one up! 🙂

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