This Bitter Pill ~ quadrille

This Bitter Pill

That the cure is our demise
lies between hope and fear,
dear though we hold our home.

Are we the plague,
the ague that chills all hope,
the dope that drains all life?

To achieve tranquility,
must we become dust?
Must we be gone?

This second quadrille for the prompt from Lillian at dVerse … the most beautiful words are … (to write a quadrille [a 44-word poem that does not require meter or rhyme] using tranquility) – came to me after Merril’s comment on Till There Is Nothing – “I hope Earth will live as the Blue Planet, even if we make it uninhabitable for ourselves.”

Image source: Wikimedia Commons (Earth seen from Apollo 17)

25 thoughts on “This Bitter Pill ~ quadrille

    • Thank you, Lillian,When I linked this one I forget to add a number to my name, and I saw that it overwrote the first link. So I re-linked the first one with (1) added to my name.


  1. Are we … we are possibly the help or the plague, but as Mr Smith says in the Matrix, perhaps we have become a virus/plague because we will not help. In Kyoto in 1997 the target was to manage six greenhouse gases to drop emissions enough to avoid a two degree rise in temp, we have missed that.

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  2. Between hope and fear–but getting closer to fear, I think. I’m not sure if I’m happy to have inspired this with my remark or not. [Insert woeful emoticon here.] “Mother Earth” might feel more tranquil with us gone.

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