the dawning of realization

the dawning of realization

like a heatwave dully reminding you
how much you dislike the heat,
the distance from true waves
on water more often blue than not

how you want to be there
not here, where more time is spent
indoors than out, whether allergies
or just the weather, but mostly

both, to be honest, as one front
meets another and sinuses respond,
pressing eyes that dully see a scene
that isn’t what you want to see

Approaching temps near 100 today, and a sinus headache
reminding me that thunderstorms are on the way.

Image source: NOAA – National Weather Service

14 thoughts on “the dawning of realization

      • Same here but nowhere near as hot. We’ve another thunderstorm as I am writing this comment plus we’ve grown apricots this year – England never does that. Climate change? Anyway I hope all remains good your end of the planet ~ George

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        • I spent my first 59 years living 400 miles north of here (actually 900 miles NE) and my welcome to Missouri was a summer of a dozen 100ºF days. None in the last 6 years have been that bad, but its nothing like the more moderate temperatures on the Great Lakes. That said, Western New York, like much of the States, has seen warmer temps in that time, but it’s still nothing like Missouri in the summer. However, one grace I have here is much milder winters. Life’s a trade-off.

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        • It sounds like on balance you are in the right place. Unlike Devon where I was brought up we have the fours seasons here on the White Cliffs of Dover. We get heat from continental Europe in summer and freezing easterly winds from what my dad calls Mother Russia – his DNA search found him 81% Russian and he’s rather proud of that as he has no time for the English – in winter. I guess a kind of lunacy wins in this part of England ~ George

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