Butterfly Ballet ~ haibun

Butterfly Ballet

What to do on a special day, when clouds and rain try to make it anything but special? And so, a drive to St. Louis, the rain no more of an annoyance than those who don’t know how to drive in it, and an afternoon spent indoors among some of nature’s most beautiful creatures. Butterflies crossing our path with their dance, lending an air of magic to our anniversary.

oasis of green
outdoors, inside house of glass
butterfly ballet

For the prompt at dVerse, Merril asks us to write a haibun about magic in nature with
Haibun Monday – Lost and Found: Nature’s Magic.

Images: The St. Louis Butterfly House

28 thoughts on “Butterfly Ballet ~ haibun

    • Thank you, Robbie. It’s an satellite extension to the St. Louis Botanical Gardens. If it wasn’t a two hour drive, I would get an annual membership. I could walk around the Botanical Gardens with a camera for hours.


    • I saw an older couple sitting on a bench, taking in visitors’ reactions as much as they did the butterflies. I think they were regular visitors, maybe year-long members who do just that – take advantage of the opportunity on rainy days.


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