endless falling rain ~ haibun

endless falling rain

In sudden warm temperatures, heavy winter snow flows with water, the melt running past ground still frozen. River reservoirs fill, and engineers with their minds on management of nature’s course decide when and where water will flow. Relentless spring rains add to already overburdened rivers, while waters rise and banks disappear. Levees that have withstood years of repeated onslaught are breached or overtopped. Water flows through city streets, while farm fields lie underwater, the season’s crops destroyed as they wait for the river to recede.

endless falling rain
rivers closed to all traffic
fish swim in the streets

This haibun (word count 98) is my response to Carpe Diem Weekend Meditation #89 Extreme Haibun … rain, with the challenge to write of a haibun of 100 words or less in length.

19 thoughts on “endless falling rain ~ haibun

  1. Flooding has been hell here – the water tables are still overloaded from the spring freshet – and we’re getting too much rain …. so everything is swamped. And yeah, isn’t it something to see roads turn into rivers and streams and see all the wildlife just “swimming along”? Wild is an under-estimation.

    I really liked your closing Ken – the haiku just sums it all up so well – paints a telling (and troubling) tale.

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    • I went kayaking on a tributary to the Missouri River. The water covered the road out to the entrance to the park. As I was leaving, a guy was there with his boat on a trailer and said, “Well, it looks like I can’t launch, but there goes a fish. Maybe I can catch one from here.”

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  2. When farmers cannot plant eventually we will not eat. Your words are filled with images of life at this time. I keep thinking that the folks that choose to have their head in the sand will get flooded. I look forward to reading your take on the prompts.

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