When the reminders of presence are strong
enough to keep one present and not seeking
the destruction of all that came before,
and the understanding of effect,
separate from cause, is firmly grasped,

the strength to accept the potential
of the current moment will awaken,
the path forward no easier
than that already taken, yet
taken out of the darkness.

This poem was inspired by Margaret Bednar’s Intervention, a flash fiction written as a response to “Prosery #1” at dVerse. I suggest you read her post. You’ll also find an audio of her piece there, as well.

Even (or especially) with this poem in mind, it’s important to understand that the complexities of depression dictate that there is no one-solution.

Ken G.

27 thoughts on “Intervention

  1. It is the key, right? To understand that there is always potential.
    Yet I believe that when in the throes of depression, the mind’s eye simply will not recognize that. The black hole is all enveloping.
    An excellent post.

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    • Thank you.
      Even knowing oneself doesn’t necessarily lead to true understanding. Or is it the opposite? Some might say their understanding of themselves is the reason for their state. I could say that appreciating the current moment and all that comes after is most important, but there’s nothing that makes me an expert. It is so complex.


  2. the path forward no easier… It amazes me how extreme depression can grasp hold and make one forget all the work and thought put into keeping them from stopping harming themselves. In that instant… I don’t deal depression – but I’ve known those who have and they are the only ones who can stop themselves… Your poem is powerful and I’m honored it inspired this poem.

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