gathering flowers ~ troiku

Carpe Diem #1672 Troiku Month – unexpected guests offers
a haiku by Jane Reichhold (
in blue) to be used to create a troiku.

gathering flowers
unexpected guests
come to dinner
               © Jane Reichhold

gathering flowers
hidden bee loose in the house
unpleasant surprise

unexpected guests
pleased by colorful blossoms
many compliments

come to dinner
join our impromptu party
all guests are welcome

A troiku is three haiku, with each of the three lines from a suggested haiku as the first line of each haiku in the troiku. It’s not always possible to have a 5-7-5 format in the second haiku, due to the limitations of the suggested haiku. The name of the form is derived from “troika,” a sled or carriage drawn by three horses harnessed side-by-side, an iconic symbol of Imperial Russia.


Image sources – Flowers in Vase, by Bakufu Ohno
Wikimedia Commons (troika)

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