Unfortunate Turn of Events

Unfortunate Turn of Events

No one saw it coming.
Hills. Valleys. Bluffs.
They’re not conducive to tornadoes.

Technology changes everything,
showed this one developing.
And so it came.

Middle of the night.
Sirens wailing.
Cars and houses sailing.

Walls in pieces.
Roofs gone.
Ours still over our head.

Close enough to go down
to the corner and see
the damage. Feel lucky.

It’s said they turn
This one twisted right past us.

A tornado passed within a mile of our home last night, causing extensive damage in Jefferson City, Missouri. Several homes and businesses were destroyed. There were injuries, but no fatalities.

Image source: fox2now.com – aerial photos of damage
& screenshot of local news

34 thoughts on “Unfortunate Turn of Events

  1. Oh, so glad you were spared the physical damage. That close, you cannot escape the impact to others vibrating outward. My prayers to all concerned. Friends in Abilene were hit a few days back. The “winds of change” are on a tear in 2019.
    Poetic skills superb here … “Sirens wailing. / Cars and houses sailing” … must’ve been a LOUD few minutes!

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    • Thank you, Jazz.
      This came just before midnight. With a couple of systems within 40 miles of here during late evening showing rotation on radar, and then sightings, this got the least attention and seemed to fade away. An hour later, we woke to sirens and phone alerts that reminded us you can’t count on anything, where weather is concerned.

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  2. I’m glad you are all right. I was wondering. My sister also lives in Missouri (ditto she is ok too). When I was a child in Tennessee a tornado went through our neighborhood. Our house was untouched but several a block away were destroyed. I’ll never forget the sight of a one-story ranch home completely bisected by the twister – the middle rubble, the two ends standing as if nothing had happened. It stays with you, the feelings these storms bring. I will keep my fingers crossed for your continued safety.

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  3. I was just reading and looking at photos of this, the wind and the water…glad you all are OK. I remember watching tornados over Lake Erie from our house when I was very young…scary. (K)

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