Unknown Horizon ~ quadrille

Unknown Horizon

I once thought it was the separation
of distance that magnifies
this richness I find in family.
Now I understand it is age,
with reflections on the past
replaced by a wistfulness
for future lives I will never know,
as they continue without me.

This is my response for Quadrille #80 – Eat the Rich, the prompt from Kim at dVerse, which is to use the word rich in a 44-word poem that does not require meter or rhyme.

20 thoughts on “Unknown Horizon ~ quadrille

  1. A rich and wistful perspective … one that I could never have “gotten” when young … and I struggle to convey to my kids now in their 40’s and on the verge of comprehending. Crossing my fingers we all survive long enough for them to accept “continuing without me” when the time arrives.

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    • Thank you.
      It’s almost ironic. Bonds that strengthen over the years, gone in an instant. And yet, those who remain retain the memory.
      I don’t say that to be morose. I love my parents as much now as when they were still here.


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