Too Many Variables ~ with audio

Too Many Variables

We had a theory, but we took it
for fact. What is a formula,
when there are no constants?

Not you.

Nor I.

There is no resolution
in a constant state of flux,
going forward like standing still,

a clean slate the only solution.

The prompt for Poetics: Theories of Everything and Anything,
from Merril at dVerse, is to write a poem about a specific theory,
or to write a poem that uses the word “theory.”
I chose the latter.

22 thoughts on “Too Many Variables ~ with audio

  1. It’s so hard to discard those ideas we’ve embedded in our worldview, even when they are directly contradicted or they no longer fit the time and place we live in. The world needs a blank slate in many areas I think. (K)

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  2. A clean slate is not feasible… in spite of the constant cleaning-away of residue, also constant accumulation of new beliefs, theories, perspectives. A clean slate is a dream, a goal, a beautiful thought to embrace. Thanks – this one is oddly comforting.

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    • When I wrote this, I had in mind a relationship between two people going in different directions, wheels spinning in resistance until it falls apart.
      However, I can understand a connection to this with life and/or the world in general.
      I do especially like the thought of a Buddhist aspect. It turns the original premise of dissolution completely on its head with its acceptance of that flux.

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