dreaming of moonlight ~ tanka

your sleeping breath
night rain revives the earth
waves of sea air
in bright yellow daffodils
nod to the dark wind
                    © Jane Reichhold

dreaming of moonlight
finding its way through the clouds
moving in the breeze
wet grass shining in new light
as tree frogs call in response

The prompt for Tanka Splendor – Daffodils is to write a tanka
inspired by one written by Jane Reichhold (in blue).

Image source: Green Tree Frog – Missouri Department of Conservation

22 thoughts on “dreaming of moonlight ~ tanka

  1. Oooo, “moonlight finding its way through the clouds” feels pleasantly disrupting … title implies that light may not yet have reached your spot below the moon … a longing.
    And I like the tree frog element. We have toads mating in our pond this week, calling all night long – pretty sure it’s other toads they’re interested in, not the moon … priorities vary. I’ve been taking pics of the toads – maybe something poetic will develop.

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  2. Beautiful imagery here and you’ve actually included some of my most favorite things that cause me to stop, be appreciative, and feel a bit reflective and thankful: moonlight, sea air, and the lovely sound of tree frogs which we used to hear each night in Bermuda. Thank you for the memories this morning!

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