Acceptance ~ with audio


All of life is change. To deny so
is a mistake too often made.
We recognize growth in our children.

Why not so in ourselves?
Opportunities arise. Tragedy strikes.
Each has the potential to affect our attitudes,

our outlook on life, those effects
trickling down so that we are not
as we once were, who we once were.

I have not embraced my change, and stumbled,
recovery coming only after acknowledging
that the product of that change is who I have become.

The prompt for Day 29 is to write “a poem that meditates on an emotion you have felt powerfully.” As suggested, I’ve opened with a declarative statement.

13 thoughts on “Acceptance ~ with audio

  1. acceptance is difficult, if not impossible, for many. we see 8/10 of a second in the past, and it seems to influence how we think – that what we see is ‘now’, when really, what we see is past. ~

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  2. This is potent! I like that you read it slowly, giving time for acknowledgement within. My experience suggests this is truth. Considering WHY we don’t notice change in ourselves like we do in others … the changes I can look back and see happened gradually, and at any one moment during the transition I wasn’t radically different from the prior moment. But fast-forward over a year or so’s span, and WHOOPS – WHAT A CHANGE. Intriguing to ponder how I may be changing right now as I’m digesting your wise words …

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