Poetry and Cars ~ haibun

1932 Buick Sedan

Poetry and Cars

After a fairly busy weekend, I’m trying to catch-up on poetry on blogs I follow and responses to prompts from NaPoWriMo.net, all the way back to Friday. I think I might be into Saturday evening at this point (late afternoon Monday). Yeah, I might catch up by tomorrow evening!

Saturday was spent at the Unbound Book Festival, where I attended readings by several poets, which inspired a poem of my own for Saturday. So far, I’ve been able to keep up with a poem-a-day for April, meeting the NaPoWriMo prompt more often than I expected. Of course, some of my responses rely on my own definition of the prompt! Today’s poem was an ekphrasis, inspired by a watercolor I acquired last year.

reading and writing
thirty days of poetry
what could be better

Yesterday was spent at Forest Park, in St. Louis, where we attended a car show, the 2019 Concourse d’Elegance, which is held every Easter Sunday. There were several hundred classic cars from 1917 to the late 1970s. Close by in the park was an area that probably had twice as many cars – street rods of all imagined modifications. One of the last cars we viewed at the Concourse was a 1959 Alfa Romeo Gulietta Spider with 411,000 miles on it, shown by the original owner. It was a beautiful, sunny day, with a lot of people in attendance, so it was hard to get the photos I wanted.

elegance displayed
in finely crafted metal
by its proud owners
man’s obsession with machine
glittering under the sun

1950 Oldsmobile Rocket 88

1950 Mercury Coupe

1948 Willys Jeepster

1955 Pontiac Star Chief

1959 Alpfa Romeo Gulietta Spider

(click images for larger view in new tab)

12 thoughts on “Poetry and Cars ~ haibun

    • It was raised to give a view of the engine, and the sun was shining through the ornament – a perfect setup. The car was in perfect condition, and I was drawn to it because I remember my father having that model in 1957.

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