Letter(s) to Self ~ abecedarian poem

The prompt for NaPoWriMo.net Day 19 is to write an abecedarian poem, with 26 words in alphabetical order or one having each line following the order of the alphabet. I chose the latter.

Who knew the prompt would lead to a rant?
(So much for following poet Ada Limón’s advice about outrage.)

Letter(s) to Self

After further reflection,
Buoyed by false confidence
Concocted through a desire to be a team player
Despite my own objections,
Engagement in this gimmicky form,
Formed of alphabetical lines,
Gives this verse as evidence of failure,
(Having reached this conclusion:
Inspiration be damned)
Just as expected from previous experience.
(Knowledge woefully obtained
Last time around.)
More to the point,
Nothing about this exercise
Offers any incentive,
Particularly given a desire for sanity,
(Quietly muttering to self)
Regarding poetic worth.
Such is the agony acquired here
That a session of therapy may be in order,
Unless I can convince myself that this experience,
Virtual or otherwise,
Will lead to a better understanding of these
XXVI alleged reasons to participate in this exercise.

You must understand, by now, my agreement with this:


Image source: Astronomy Picture of the Day & Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration


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