Nothing Worth Keeping ~ list poem


Nothing Worth Keeping

Five years after our dissolution,

(Isn’t that an odd word for the solution
that ended our original solution
of lifelong companionship?)

I found a box of papers
I had not troubled to sort.

Nothing of consequence in a summons for jury duty.
Nothing of importance in a nine-year old tax return.
Nothing of significance in a lab report.
Nothing done in a To Do list.
Nothing of merit in a receipt for an oil and lube.
Nothing to write home about in a love poem.
Nothing left to buy in a grocery list.
Nothing of good taste in an ad for home décor.
Nothing of value in a quit claim deed.
Nothing to our credit in a bank statement.
Nothing about a bad connection in a cable bill.
Nothing to show for an expired warranty.
Nothing in the eyes of two people posing
for a vacation photo that hinted at the final solution.
Nothing that lasts forever.

The prompt for Day 16 is “to write a poem that uses the form of a list to defamiliarize the mundane.”

21 thoughts on “Nothing Worth Keeping ~ list poem

  1. Fascinating list of the mundane tinged with former (temporary) value – things important when current. (On the flip side, there are many things I’ve tossed only to wish for later.) In spite of the individual items having nothing to justify keeping, the collection does make for an easy-to-identify-with reflection on relative significance. Put this poem in a safe place!

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