Gone with the Tide

Gone with the Tide

Rising and falling, our energy
was spent trying to stay afloat
in a tide-looped romance.

Our words were faint, as if
water-spoken, and held little
meaning as ringed-sea promises.

The bell-voiced waves washing the shore
sound our names, but there is no response
on this tear-culled night.

The sea, in its moon-blown rising,
removes all trace, our footsteps
together no longer.

The prompt for Poetics: love the words from Laura Bloomsbury at dVerse is to use at least four of a list of given hyphenated words from a list of words used by Dylan Thomas. I’ve used tide-looped, water-spoken, ringed-sea, bell-voiced, tear-culled, and moon-blown.

Image source: pixabay.com / photo-graphe

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