Kayak Moment


Kayak Moment

Beside the bank, out
of the current. Paddle

resting on shaded water.
Kingfisher cocks his head,

darts away. Heron steps
forward, takes flight.

Their calls ring
for a brief moment.

Stillness of the morning air
returns, another reward.

This is an edit of a poem I wrote five years ago. When I first came to WordPress in 2014, it was to participate in National Poetry Writing Month, and Kayak Moment was my post for Day 10. The revision includes one less stanza. And enjambment. I seem to have become rather fond of enjambment. Who knows, this may see further revision, or it may end up, piecemeal, in another poem.

Linda Lee Lyberg is hosting Poetics: Water, Water Everywhere at dVerse, and she asks us to write a poem (any form) about water, that commodity that is so precious to all of us.

Image: Moreau River, Missouri – 06 Jun 2018 (click for larger view/new tab)


27 thoughts on “Kayak Moment

  1. Like Rob Kistner’s fly fishing poem, this has an excellent sense of time and place; really enjoyed it. I was never much of a swimmer, so I stayed out of Kayaks and canoes.

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  2. Wonderful description of a great escape to nature. I loved to kayak when I was able, but I was a fair water kayaker, with the occasional mild rapid. That enjoyment has now escaped me, but this was a lovely reminder Ken… well written!

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  3. So glad you shared this revision with us. Love the details of the image you painted. I, too, have been going back to revise some drafts from the past. The poem I posted yesterday was originally drafted three years ago. There is a sense of satisfaction I think to the revision process. Your photo is quite lovely, too.

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  4. I love that there are explicitly multiple rewards in this moment on the water. I also love how poems have lives of their own; we’re not to know when they might resurface and take new shapes.

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  5. Your words place me right in the kayak. Resting the paddle on water — I love that image of the water holding it while the paddler takes a breath, grateful for all of the rewards. I can hear that croaking complaint of the heron, see the cocked head of the kingfisher. Darn it, I need to get a kayak! Thanks for this trip!

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