final raindrop falls ~ haiku


final curtain call
clouds part to reveal the stars
Nature’s passion play

final raindrop falls
parting clouds reveal the moon
shining blades of grass

My haiku is a response to the  challenge for
Carpe Diem Weekend Meditation #79 Poetry Archive … rain
which is to write a new poem inspired by one from our own archive.
The original (in blue) is part of a chain of haiku written as a response to
RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge #89.

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18 thoughts on “final raindrop falls ~ haiku

  1. Both versions are great – but I lean toward moon reference vs star reference … and indeed some moons offer plenty of light for wet grass to shine. Our 2nd big rain in 2 days just stopped, sun out, I should get out with camera and look at whatever’s shining. But nice to sit here reading your “shining”. Thanks!

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    • Thanks, Jazz. This spring has been wetter than usual for us, but we have a nice dry 80 degree day going on right now. (The upper edge of my heat preference. Unfortunately that’s the low end for our summer days, but hey, I chose to move here! Ah, love.)

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