Always Here in Heart

Always Here in Heart

I am not at home in my place,
yet transplanted by choice.
Such is what the heart will do
to be fulfilled. And it is.

She will always be my muse; has been
since our eyes first met. Many times
the words I write have been
taken from the joy she brings.

I see the birds, am inspired
by cedar and oak, as I walk
along magnificent bluffs, paddle
on muddy rivers and streams.

But they are not the maples
I have known all my life.
Not the blue waters of great lakes,
nor mighty falls with their mist.

Yet happiness is mine, by choice.
One I would repeat again
and again. A choice made clear
when I was there and she was here.

The prompt from Gina for Poetics: your poetic hum asks about your life when you are not writing. How does it influence your writing? I moved from Western New York to mid-Missouri nearly seven years ago to be with someone special, and she is now my wife. I bought a house in October 2013, but it has only just occurred to me that, as much as I miss New York, I do consider Missouri my home.

Image:  Autumn at Ha Ha Tonka State Park, Missouri

42 thoughts on “Always Here in Heart

  1. moving cross country is scary and daunting at any time in life, I am so happy to read this beautiful story of you two. you chose happiness over everything else, that is brave and wise. i loved that line the most, it makes the entire poem more meaningful to me now. I also appreciate how you give full credit to your muse, confident poets and writers do that. thank you for participating in the prompt, you have brought a new perspective to the tanpura principle of writing.

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  2. I identify with your poem, Ken, especially:
    ‘Yet happiness is mine, by choice.
    One I would repeat again
    and again. A choice made clear
    when I was there and she was here.’
    My husband made a similar choice 26 years ago.

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  3. My husband transplanted himself for love and it does come down to choice….the only one….haha. I live near the Great Lakes and I’m surrounded by maples but I do miss the canyons and mesas from his Land of Enchantment. I’m sure he does too.The heart has a mind of it’s own.

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