whitebait filling net ~ haiku

whitebait filling net
starting small with a promise
bigger fish to fry

Frank Tassones’ #Haikai Challenge #76: whitebait
Whitebait (an early spring kigo) are immature fish
caught in fine mesh fishing nets.
They are used for bait or floured/battered, then deep-fried.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons


23 thoughts on “whitebait filling net ~ haiku

  1. This made me think of my grandfather, an avid fisherman, though he used worms for bait, usually, but on occasion tiny fish like these (I don’t know exactly). I have memories of watching him clean the catch outside on a table from very early in my life. He always fished alone – he liked the solitude of it. Thank you.

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    • And now you’ve brought back memories of cleaning fish with my father. Not my favorite thing to do, but totally worth it when you can take a fresh fish out of the frying pan.


      • I admit to being more interested in when he cleaned rabbits, and he let me have the tails. I know, people are groaning, but my grandparents were raised in the country, it was the 1960’s, things were different, and rabbits were hunted for dinner. Anyway, you are so right, a fresh fish caught today, there is nothing like it.

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