3 – 7

My haiku is featured today at Pure Haiku, where Freya’s current theme is Emergence


after long nights’ sleep

bear wakes in darkness of den

hungry for daylight

© Ken Gierke 2019

Ken tells me that his experience in this community can be be summed up in verse: poet on journey / embraced by fellow poets / WordPress acceptance. Find him at rivrvlogr.wordpress.com

This haiku is part of our Emergence theme.

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15 thoughts on “3 – 7

  1. It’s March 7 – Townes Van Zandt’s birthday. He’d be 75 if still alive. Each year on this date, I attend a gathering of musicians who one by one sing one of Townes’s songs and/or their own song written as tribute to Townes. So … feels a bit like a year of slumbering in the dark, then tonight we fans awake to the light of Townes (tho unlike the bear, our awake will be brief).

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