26 thoughts on “bare lawn wet from melt ~ haiku

    • For the first time ever, I paid someone to shovel my driveway. It was sunny by 10 am, so I planned to do it just after lunch. Two neighbor brothers came to the door and asked to shovel. I remember those pre-teen days so broke down and said yes. What can I say? I’m a sucker. It took 30 minutes to finish what I could have done in 20 – slow but nonstop. I gave them an extra tip, but told them I wouldn’t be watching for them in the future – unless, of course, they should happen to see me lying in the driveway, accumulating snow. 😉
      Oh, and I gave each of them a homemade muffin when they were done.

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      • We only had such enterprising folks when we had a blizzard. But I did read where another lad took his dad’s snowblower and made a bundle in one of the more recent storms. Not sure how local ‘he’ was.

        We have a couple of neighbors, elder, bad knees… we help them out. That’s what neighbors are for 😉

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        • I agree about elderly neighbors. Back in Buffalo, a next door neighbor had two sons (in their early 30s) living with her. They never cleared the driveway – just kept their cars parked there. They would brush them off and barrel out of there. Meanwhile, I’d take my snowblower down the sidewalk to the next neighbor past them to clear his driveway.

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        • Sometimes my one neighbor (about 4 houses down) when he sees me out… knows my hubby is out of town, will use his snow blower to clear my walk, and the one neighbors drive. Other neighbors take turns shoveling out the other neighbor’s drive – who doesn’t even have a car anymore. I always shovel the required two foot width, if it’s heavy. If it is light then I’ll do more. But I’ve got a double wide, double car length drive of my own. We do have a snow blower, but sometimes it’s just as easy to push/shovel it when it less than 2″.

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