No Gain

No Gain

Where is the blame in a lesson,
once learned? Does a tree turn to the wind,
on the pain of a branch broken?
Instead, it grows taller.

Upon fleeing, a deer that escapes
the jaws of wolves may limp,
but still it returns to foraging,
its concern only for its next meal.

A mind bent on blame will find
it gains nothing for its efforts.
Its loss is in not recognizing
the lessons of experience.

This is my response to the prompt for Poetics: Blame and Forgiveness,
from Frank Hubney at dVerse, which asks us to write a poem
centered around blame and/or forgiveness.

Image source: / Timisu

32 thoughts on “No Gain

  1. I like your tree growing taller “model” for letting blame fall by the way … my experience is that humans “bent on blame” literally cannot see lessons right before their eyes – they only have eyes for confirmation of the blame. Sad there are so many examples of this in prominent positions these days.

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