Awakening ~ #writephoto


Casting a light across the shadow
that would have brought me down,
you were my future, the horizon
that would bring me out of my darkness.

Now all is light.

This is my response to Thursday Photo Prompt: Timeless #writephoto,
from Sue Vincent at Daily Echo, with her photo (slightly modified here).
~~ click image for full size in new tab ~~


20 thoughts on “Awakening ~ #writephoto

  1. A peculiar image – went to Sue’s site to be sure it was not a cemetery angel! Some photographer had a keen eye to get the paleness along horizon to line up with that in the rock (or if not a keen eye, a keen hand in Photoshop?) I itch to straighten – the horizon and the leaning stone. But maybe all the oddities contributed to the inspiration, the “awakening”?

    I truly like your lines, as they could be addressing either Spirituality or human relationship. Beautiful! (No itch to change …)

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  3. Reminds me of a solstice time… new beginnings.
    I was watching a show about Stonehenge – some of the blue stones are supposed to be healing stones.
    Some other stones in the area (close by but not Stonehenge) had just certain areas of the stone that seemed to have a different vibration – those spots were found with dowsing tools.

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