Rebirth of Privilege

Rebirth of Privilege

Welcome the nuclear winter
that shall cleanse
the earth, leave it open
to some stellar seed
searching for a new home
on which to flourish. This cancer
of our own creation, destroyer
of all creation, and our legacy
of privilege taken to extreme,
cannot expire too soon.

Let the rebirth begin.

This response to dVerse Poetics: On Privilege – to write on any of the various aspects of privilege – this poem was inspired by The Case for Reparations, a response by Brendan at Oran’s Well.

Image source: – Nuclear Winter (video) 

41 thoughts on “Rebirth of Privilege

  1. Fun, yes, we privilege human life far to much albeit naturally. What, 40% of insect species will be extinct by 2050. Loss of one hominids species may not be so bad. And as you say, let it all begin again. Life, is not in danger.

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  2. Ken, it is frightening what is and has been happening. Being a hopeful – rightly or wrongly – I am very cheered on hearing of big positive projects undertaken by a number of nations. There are already a number who use
    100% clean fuel, plantation of huge forests is underway and oceans are big on the agenda.
    Re-cycling proper is big in many countries. Not only shipping it away.

    In the dark there is shafts of light….


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  3. Perhaps the reason why we’re doomed, utterly, is due to the very privilege which convinced humans ages ago that they were separate and overlord. We’ll chant that dominance right into the world’s grave. And the bland acquiescence of optimism is becoming an opiate – privilege as fentanyl. Amen.

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  4. If we do not heed the warnings now and act decisively en mass then yes. But those with most privilege will outlast others. The need for climate justice is tied up with racial justice, gender justice and more equity around ability as well as continued mass extinction of species that are not culpable as we are. I fear we will not heed the warnings and am glad the Earth will renew if we do not. So, I cannot accept yet while we have oh so limited time to change… Like the poem though!

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