full moon on the rise ~ haiku

full moon on the rise
shadows of branches on white
my breath a pale mist

snow under moonlight
footsteps breaking the silence
walking through my breath

The challenge for Carpe Diem Weekend Meditation #72 Poetry Archive is to write a new poem inspired by one from our own archive. The first haiku here (in blue) was written as a response to a Frank Tassone #Haikai Challenge regarding the winter moon.


17 thoughts on “full moon on the rise ~ haiku

    • Thank you, Kim. My original intent was to use two of my haiku to create a fusion haiku, but I was intent on the first one here and couldn’t find another close enough to maintain a focus. Still, I enjoyed going through my haiku archive.

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    • We had a couple of inches of snow last night that was eliminated by rain by morning. Sleet was falling, and streets were pretty hazardous, but our street crews are pretty proactive (being the state capital and having more hills than level areas), so that there often is preemptive salting, and salters were in my neighborhood treating the icy streets before sunup.

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