Contemplating Ice on a River That Doesn’t Freeze ~ prose poem

Contemplating Ice on a River that Doesn’t Freeze

The winter water here is cold, but I’ve seen colder. Felt colder. I’ve seen ice float down the Niagara River, filling it shore-to-shore. But that was a fluke. No, there are no whales there, but normally the ice boom keeps the Lake Erie ice from flowing downriver and damaging docks along the shore. Actually, ice is more common on the Missouri River. Winter temperatures always are in flux, and hundreds of tributaries send their broken ice downstream. I’ll think about that today, when I’m kayaking in a t-shirt. Make that a kayak. I’ll be wearing the t-shirt – in 60-degree weather – thinking about last week’s river ice. And I’ll be on the water, not in it. It’s still cold, and I’ll be thinking about that tomorrow morning, when the temperature will be back down to 20 and the ice will form again on the creeks and streams. I think I’ll head back to the river next week and take some pictures of the ice flow – from shore.

Image: Osage River, Missouri – ice free (noon, 14 Feb 2019)
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9 thoughts on “Contemplating Ice on a River That Doesn’t Freeze ~ prose poem

  1. Great capture of ever-changing weather as evidenced by ice on river! Though not specified, I’m sensing the upcoming visit to photograph ice on water will be wearing more than a t-shirt. Layers of clothing to suit the layers of warmth and moisture, all layers in constant flux!

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  2. I’ve live where I am for about three decades. Last year was the first time our little creek ever froze from side to side (while we’ve been here). I did see a Kayak go down it once, but it really isn’t deep enough and with two bridges that aren’t high enough to under where it meets the road on both the north and south sides…

    Yep – weather is good today, but another storm expected Sunday.

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  3. I think I like your prose best of all the things you do so well on this page…most descriptive…funny ( the kayak, tshirt thing, ha ha..)…being Canadian I cannot even get close to such temps in the autumn, never mind winter…but so changeable…well, anyway, I look forward to seeing the pics of ice in the river when you get to it…thankyou as a sister and mother, that you said you’re taking them from never knows these days how daring (if scary) people will be, lol!

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