More Than Lip Service – video poem

This may be a first for me – an ekphrastic video poem. I’m not sure if it’s a complete work, or if it’s just a work-in-progress. It’s inspired by a clay sculpture by Claudia McGill (who also writes poetry).  I’ve been wanting to write something around the piece for the past few weeks. Looking at it this morning, I just let the shape and patterns take me where they would, and I put together the video this afternoon.
(Thank you, Claudia.)

More Than Lip Service

Never just black and white,
there are many sides to the blues.

What is a door that opens, if you don’t enter it?
Or a rose, without water?

Enter, and I will water your rose,
scale any height to stay by your side.

This is more than lip service,
the many facets coming to you in turns.

What I reveal is already there
for the knowing.


20 thoughts on “More Than Lip Service – video poem

  1. Wow, I’m overwhelmed. I just don’t know what to say (in the good kind of way). I never in a million years would have thought my little figurine could inspire anything, much less what you’ve presented here. Thank you for that compliment.

    I love the image of the door (what good is it if you don’t enter?) – I have always visualized that when I do art or write, first I enter a place where they are kept for me and where it is the right place to work. And I like how you have the figurine turning to show all its sides – the patterns are there if you watch for them and wait, as you say, they are there for the knowing, if you will let them come to you.

    Wow, this is just great. And you have a wonderful voice for reading your work. I hope you will do more of these, I like the experience of hearing the words spoken.

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    • I’ve been wanting to write something since I opened it, Claudia. It sits on my mantle, so I see it every day, but once in a while I take it down and place it at different angles on our dining table, waiting for it to speak to me.
      I have a few video poems here (in the Categories drop-down menu on my page). It’s something I did more often way in the past. I’ve had a Vimeo account for years, with quite a few there, but I reached the free account max. So, last year I opened a YouTube account for that purpose.


      • As for the figurine, it’s doing what I hope my art does – give people something to think about or even just to prompt feelings. I enjoy making things so I guess I’d do it anyway but there is the aspect of passing along a communication and even better when it continues on. I will check your other video poems. I realize I have restricted my poetry world to the silent written version. I will remedy that starting here. Thank you.

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  3. Amazing combination of voice and imagery – not to mention the circling of the imagery!
    The figurine is intriguing – shape, texture, color, patterns – I can imagine you might spend hours turning this and having still-more reflections arising.
    BTW, your steady measured voice adds significantly to the effectiveness of this!
    I especially like your final 2 lines, which could apply to any object (or perspective) one sits with and turns again and again becoming a mirror to what’s already within.

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    • Thank you, Jazz. Reading for one of these can be done in one take. Or, when it’s something new and fresh like this one, I’ll try different inflections and edit it in Audacity.
      I agree about the sculpture. It’s intriguing, and different thoughts occur to me each time I look at it.

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  4. You have done it. Made a little film, and made a poem. Spoken a poem. But altogether they are all together, not separate. The rotation of the image is quite a pleasing touch, drawing me in and in and around and around while the tolling of the iron bell calls the faithful to their knees to hear the softly spoken magic spell, if I may quote another poem/song. WHAT CLAUDIA McGILL WROTE IS A Million times better than anything I could say. But I just had to let you know Well Done .

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