In the Flicker of a Flame

In the Flicker of a Flame

There is a moment in that flicker of a flame on a dark night.

A brief blue?

The split second when yellow goes to red,
then dances out of the way to leave, what?

Not a void, because there is light as red dances back.

Or is it orange? No, it’s that brief tease
of blue again, and I see your eyes.

I see you stirring the fire, as if you were
never gone, and a warmth passes over me.

It’s in your smile and the nod of your head,
and I realize they’ve always been with me.

The flame dances back, and you are gone,
but not your warmth. I hold that close.

The prompt from Merril, with Poetics: Invisible at dVerse, is to write a poem referencing invisible or invisibility. It could be something seen or unseen, real or imagined
– or, in this case, someone who is missed.

Image source: Navid Saboori on Unsplash

30 thoughts on “In the Flicker of a Flame

  1. I love this, Ken. This imagining and the palpable sense of longing that comes through. I really like the way you do this through the flame–the flickering, the blue to yellow and red. Well done. Thanks for contributing!

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