raven on bare branch ~ haiku

raven on bare branch
waiting for end of darkness
shadow of first light

This haiku is my response to
Frank Tassone’s #Haika Happenings #68:
first raven/crow

The raven (or crow) is considered a kigo for the New Year.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons
Crow on a Snowy Branch, by Ohara Koson


14 thoughts on “raven on bare branch ~ haiku

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  2. GREAT perspective. First, that you see morning/beginning as setting. And though who could really get inside a raven’s mind (???) I like the notion that the bird’s focus is expansive (greeting Day, shadowing Light) rather than something mundane (what’s below that might be breakfast?) Combination of image and haiku is uplifting – wish I had wings to soar into the scene.

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    • 😀 Thanks, Jazz. I thought about sunlight as the shadow of darkness (as a negative image, perhaps), and I also considered that a crow couldn’t cast a shadow (I recently referred to them as shadows in the sky) until it had sunlight.

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