Depth Perception

Depth Perception

Numbers mean nothing to the volume of beauty
held in my mind. Just as the depth of color held in

a rainbow is infinite, the elements of my perception
are unlimited. Yet my impressions are not yours.

While a glass may hold light, it does not
contain it, and a rainbow will not be restrained.

While not strictly in line with the concepts of his article, this poem was inspired by
Steve Tanham’s The Rotating Blade of Meaning (1).

Image: © Steve Tanham

20 thoughts on “Depth Perception

  1. KEN
    FORgive me I could not help but trim and edit, stripping away personal noise and retaining the universal truth “you” showed “me” this afternoon

    Numbers mean nothing to the volume of beauty.
    The depth of color held in a rainbow is infinite.

    Elements of perception are unlimited.
    My impressions are not yours.

    A glass may hold light, yet it does not
    contain it. A rainbow will not be restrained.

    love you brother thanks for sharing another vision from the river of your thoughts

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  2. A keeper! I printed this off, and anticipate following your link to Steve Tanham when I have some quiet space. It’s fascinating where another’s words can take one. Maybe winter is the time of year to be reading and reflecting? I have a poem coming together that stems from my current rush of reading Alan Watts.
    I an enticed with yours, with considering the “depth of my perception of Watts” (I know I’m not getting it all!) Plus, I take “depth perception” as more than visual acuity … depth of emotional sensitivity, depth of interpretive hearing, depth of capacity to take in, contain …
    Thanks for setting my brain abuzz this afternoon!

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    • Thank you, Jazz. Yes! Layers of perception and comprehension.
      I can have the attention span of a gnat, sometimes, so when I see something like Steve’s article, I need to take notes right away. This one just coalesced.

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  3. I have several crystals in my front window just waiting for the sun. It is a joy when surfaces however briefly hold that refracted light. I have a photo somewhere of my grandson with is face covered by one of those rainbows 🙂
    Not to many rainbows on gloaming days. One takes light where it shines, from words that glow off a page (or in this case a computer screen). Cheers, Jules.

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