24 thoughts on “roads impassable ~ haiku

    • We had 10 inches by Saturday morning, and another inch or two since then, which required a couple of hours of shoveling. Our driveway is 3/4 of the way around a cul de sac. The plow can’t make the tight circle in one sweep, so it backs up at my neighbor’s driveway and then continues. This leaves snow ten feet or so across my lot that I need to clear for access to my driveway and mailbox (for the carrier to reach) – like shoveling another driveway.
      We’ve had temps in the low 30s all along, so it’s a heavy snow. One half of our 10 foot lilac snapped off, and the cedars look more like pines, since their branches are hanging down so much.

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      • Wow! You really did get snow, and you got your exercise shoveling! We just had a couple of inches and streets were clear by the afternoon. We’re supposed to get a “wintry mix” later this week, which is so much worse, I think, since you can’t tell what is ice and what is just wet.

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    • Thank you.
      I moved here in 2012. The following winter there was a single-day/9 inch snowfall. It was gone in a week. Since then, there has been little – always an inch or less, except one 4 inch snowfall before this. All of that, over the last 7 years, wouldn’t equal one winter in WNY.
      Except for the rare day like this, shoveling the driveway means walking back and forth pushing the shovel for 10 minutes – and I only do that because it slopes down to my garage. We see weekly temps in the 40s, so a two-day wait would melt it.


  1. Snow looks beautiful in images … I have very little real experience of it. One January in the 1980s I experienced Rochester MN for several days. I didn’t have to shovel anything or drive on the streets. Central Texas some years gets 6-8 inches, enough to be gorgeous for half a day until it melts.
    I do like this haiku …

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    • Thank you, Jazz. Trees are still heavy with snow, but the streets are mostly clear. Less frequent snow here helps me better appreciate the photo opportunities, but it looks like we’re in for more this coming weekend.

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  2. We only got about 2-3 inches an most of the roads are clear now.
    But more is expected. Just pace yourself when you dig out. Sorry about your Lilac.

    I went out in 17 F weather to refill my feeders this morning. I think I can get some coffee now 🙂

    Occasionally I see deer tracks in winter. But not this year yet. I did see a deer bounding on the other side of the creek last week (or last month).

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