full moon approaching ~ haiku

full moon approaching
visible on longest night
day of transition

This haiku is in response to
Frank Tassone’s #Haikai Challenge #65: Solstice II.

Image: the moon at 4:34pm CST 21 December 2018
~ sunset was at 4:50pm ~
(The Missouri State Capitol is under wraps for a $50M renovation)


The moon at 6:29pm and 6:37pm CST 21 December 2018
~ full moon is at 11:48am 22 Dec 2018 ~
(click each image for larger view in new tab)

17 thoughts on “full moon approaching ~ haiku

    • Thanks! I use The Photographers Ephemeris (a free app) on both my laptop and phone. Pin the map, and it draws lines to sunrise, sunset, moonrise and moonset for that spot. We have a lot of bluffs/hills here, so sometimes it best to scout a location. You could be at a low spot with line of sight blocked by terrain. And then there are trees. I use it to align landmarks, like the moon rising over Niagara Falls, or the Capitol building here. This turned out to be a nice spot, but required time to find the right elevation. I’ll note it for 2020, when the wrap comes off of the building. (It covers scaffolding to allow work in foul weather.)

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  2. I try taking photos of the full moon. I got one of the moon in the morning of the 22nd.
    I’ll have to see how it comes out when I ‘center’ and ‘blow it up’.
    I did get the full moon in November and used an app at the photo place – it looks like there is a circular rainbow around the moon.

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