Stone to Flesh

Stone to Flesh

Gather the darkness in these chambers,
flowing from one to the next.
Banish it. Winter has lived here too long.

Be my salvation. Know these walls were
not always stone. They have moved
with each beat, known the fire of love.

Ear to my chest, you will hear
the surge you bring, stampeding horses
rushing to meet you, greet you.

As moon goes from crescent to full,
so will these chambers, your touch
bringing them from stone to loving flesh.

The Sunday Writing Prompt at Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie, from Pat (wildchild47), is to find inspiration in “The Blind Leading the Blind,” by Lisel Meuller.

Image source: (edited here)

19 thoughts on “Stone to Flesh

  1. An absolutely amazing poem. It fascinates with me. I am no good at commenting on poetry really, but I know how it makes me feel. And with this one, I can say yes, I understand, and love the beauty of the language..

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  2. an interesting exploration and interpretation of the prompt Ken! I like how you’ve taken the direction of what once wasn’t stone and the voice asks for the touch to revive it, to breathe it back to life – to able to love again …. and very subtly done (i.e. use of “motion/energy” – horses etc. without directly stating it)…

    thanks for writing to the Sunday prompt this week ….

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