Flames Dance in the Night ~ haibun

Flames Dance in the Night

Sitting around the open fire, talking about the day now gone and watching the horizon pass from twilight to a dark expanse blending into the glorious band of stars that is the Milky Way. That was one of the rewards of the visits to my parents’ home in the country. Of course, during winter months those evening talks were indoors, the heat radiating from the wood stove slowly seeping into our bones after a day spent out on the snow. But the rest of the year there were those nights spent around the fire, its flames holding back the evening chill, sometimes past midnight.

flames dance in the night
sparks rise, dim against the stars
moon clearing the ridge

Carpe Diem Weekend Meditation #60 The Quest for a New Masterpiece goes on … journey
asks us to write a haibun focusing on a journey we have made.

Image source: unsplash.com / by Felix Mittermeier

19 thoughts on “Flames Dance in the Night ~ haibun

    • It’s amazing what a difference there is. Even minimal light pollution doesn’t compare. I remember in the sixties, we were visiting my Aunt and Uncle who had a dairy farm nearby, long before my parents retired to the area – the southern tier of Western New York. We saw a brilliant flash and the horizon seemed to glow. We went for a ride to see just what it was. No luck. Turns out it was a meteorite that hit in the north midwest – Minnesota or somewhere out there.

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      • Besides the Pleiades, which I can sort of see out in my back yard – I remember seeing a shooting star when I was little. I couldn’t say if it was a named comet.

        Oh, I did see the two tailed comet a few years ago in my back yard too! That was cool.

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