its voice bringing welcome sleep ~ renga

Carpe Diem #1549 a pilllow of wind asks us to create a renga
(or chain of verses) by following each of the provided haiku of Bashō (here in blue italics)
with two lines. A “closed chain” is attained when the hokku (starting verse)
and ageku (closing verse) 
connect in a way to make “the circlecomplete.

autumn has come
visiting my ear on
a pillow of wind

its voice bringing welcome sleep
soothing with a calm nature

the good-looking bush clover
has a flowery face

beauty like a memory
reminder of those long gone

autumn’s wind
mouth at the sliding door
a piercing voice

secrets told in a whisper
ancestor speaking to me

that handsome man
clearly is no longer living
a rain-hidden moon

wordless secrets shed no light
their truth remaining hidden

is it a spider
with a voice crying
the autumn wind

beads of water like teardrops
hidden in a tangled web

end of the month
no moon hugging an ancient cedar
in the storm

seeking comfort in the night
wind its only company

Museum of Fine Arts Boston
Butterflies and Bush Clover, by Utagawa Hiroshige
Sengaku Temple, by Tsuchiya Koitsu
Pine Trees, by Odake Chikuha

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