7 thoughts on “moon high in the night ~ haiku

  1. Reminds me of the old south too. And cotton picking. Some folks so tired after the day in the sun they could barely eat before co lapsing in sleep.

    I was just looking at an image of rice fields the other day.
    I googled images of rice paddies in China to discover something akin to corn crop art.
    Very interesting – the photos.

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  2. Image is more mice!
    Have never harvested a field, but there must be satisfaction in beating the weather, bringing the crop in, a tangible sort of satisfaction those of us who work(ed) in offices never experience. My parents both grew up on farms, so I know satisfaction is not guaranteed – frustrations and devastations to be expected. But your lines capture a serenity of “job well done” nicely.

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    • Thank you, Jazz. I did happen to work, in my very early teens, gathering silage on my uncle’s dairy farm. What impressed me about the whole affair was my uncle as “small businessman,” but it was a hard life for him. He did have a business mind, though, because he sold the farm to acquire a small IGA store in that same small town.

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