15 thoughts on “dark sky in daylight ~ haiku

  1. to keep this form close
    as a pen describes my mind
    leaves seek todays wind

    __ I do like your stay within the form definitions of haiku and senryu structures. Here is my “sort” of senryu, as my mind seeks today’s wind; thoughts, are often leaves on that wind. Smiles. _m

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    • Atypical for our area, we’ve had three snowfalls this month – one that melted as it fell, an inch that didn’t stick to the roads about two days ago, and then 2 inches last night that needed shoveling. We’re expecting 42° today and 50° for tomorrow.

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      • Roads are getting hard to travel. DIL took two hours to get from her school to here to pick up my grandson who I had to pick up – a regular round trip to his school for me maybe 15 -20 minutes also took twice as long. I wonder if they’ll clear the roads enough by tomorrow or have to call a snow day for school?

        The wind is whipping the flakes around now. Brrr.

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