sunflowers in bloom – cascading haiku


sunflowers in bloom
a field of smiling faces
turning to the sun

turning to the sun
approaching the horizon
casting long shadows

casting long shadows
in field of green and yellow
sunflowers in bloom

The prompt for Sunflowers (cascading haiku) at Tanka Splendor is to write a series of haiku with the last line of each haiku used as the first line of the following haiku,
thus cascading down the page.

Image source: ©Thelma Winter – Summer Sunshine


8 thoughts on “sunflowers in bloom – cascading haiku

    • Thank you. I was determined to stay with a sunflower theme, but I’ll have to try it with a more conventional (I hesitate to say more rigid) haiku , with a cutting word to shift the direction in each third line. Even so, this was fun.

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