Falling for Winter

Falling for Winter
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The inch of snow we had last night never accumulated on our “warm” pavement and was mostly gone by this morning, with an overnight low of 30ºF. The weather forecast for the next week is for daytime highs bouncing between mid-30s and high-40s and nighttime lows back and forth between high teens and mid-30s. If nothing else, the weather fluctuations here can be entertaining. Here are a couple of views from my house.

From my back deck…

Falling for Winter_1Falling for Winter_2

From my front porch…

Falling for Winter_3Falling for Winter_4

And the same view three days ago…

Falling for Winter_5

Ken G

14 thoughts on “Falling for Winter

    • I’m sure we’ll see some of that (many times) before March gets here.
      Back when I was in Buffalo, around 2007, we had a fluke storm with 2 feet of snow in October. Of course, it was wet and heavy, so it caused a lot of damage. It took a week or so for all of it to melt.


  1. I like this… yes weather can be very entertaining.
    Similar weather here, though rain – no snow yet.
    So we’ve been raking, raking and raking.
    I was raking my front and a wind came and almost redistributed the pile I had just raked!
    We’ve got a pile out front for the city ‘leaf vac’ about the size of a VW Bug 🙂

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    • Thank you.
      I have a penned area about the same size that I add to each year (six falls now, always topping off at four feet) that continues to compress – so far. There’s some nice compost at the bottom, but I have no use for it.

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  2. I have some berm areas that I can put extra leaves. But my hubby doesn’t want a compost pile per say.
    I know others that have compost bins. Also pretty much unused. I had built up a nice area for local critters… with tree debris, branches, twigs, leaves – places for rabbits, birds, and such to weather out winter. But this year a major flood took much of it away. So I am sort of rebuilding – just for the animals.
    We will have more than enough for the berms even after gifting the city back. The city has a compost area for community use and reuse. Though there is payment required for both drop off and pick up of debris and compost. One year I got some of the ‘city’ cured compost. It wasn’t stellar. Now I just get wood mulch from the box stores for certain small area gardens near the house.

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    • Thank you.
      Snow staying on the ground for a week is a crap shoot here – even in the dead of winter – with the temperature fluctuations we have. And snow this early is not typical. That said, the snow melted, but then we’ve had an inch today, and another inch or two expected through tomorrow – then back to the forties, more like our average temps for November.


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