holding little moon – fusion haiku

We’re a few days into the Autumn prompts at Carpe Diem, so this is a little bit of catch-up.

holding little moon_1changes happening
first yellow leaf on maple
autumn upon us

Carpe Diem #1536 Autumn … the season

quiet forest path
dry leaves stirred up by my feet
centipede scurries

Carpe Diem #1537 Decay

This fusion haiku inspired by haiku from Choshu and Usen:

holding little moon_2

holding little moon
meaty nut lies at my feet
chestnut for roasting

holding little moon_fusion

Carpe Diem #1538 Autumn moon (crossroads)

dry leaves deeper now
rustling footsteps calling out
announce my passage

Carpe Diem #1539 Autumn’s Voice

Image source: ukiyo-e.orgOwl and Chestnut, by Ohara Koson

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